Eat Healthy With Texas WIC

Eating Healthy on the Texas WIC Program is easy.

Moms on a budget know how hard it can be to provide healthy meals for their family. Learn how to eat healthy with WIC.

Texas WIC is a government program that provides financial assistance and nutrition education to low-income families. Learn how the WIC program works and learn a few tips for eating well on a budget.

1. What is WIC and what does it offer participants?

Texas WIC is is a nutrition education program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)  that helps moms provide a healthy start for their babies. You may not know that the program provides free nutrition education, counseling, breastfeeding support, and free monthly supplemental food packages for pregnant women, postpartum women, and children up to age 5. 

2. How to apply for the WIC program?

Also, If you are a Texas resident that is pregnant or are a mother of a child younger than 5 you can apply by visiting WIC online.  Applicants can also call 800-942-3678 to locate a WIC clinic to schedule an appointment to apply. 

3. What foods are available with the WIC program?

There are several free monthly food packages that are different for moms and children based on their age and nutritional needs. There is a specific food package for pregnant mothers that includes foods that, according to WIC, “are low in fat and high in fiber, provide nutritional variety and help promote a healthy weight gain for a healthy baby.”  Infants have packages that may include baby formula and older children have packages that include eggs, fruits and vegetables, cereals, and more.

4. How to use your benefits to eat healthy with WIC

Texas WIC clients receive an EBT card that is loaded each month with their WIC benefits. Clients take their EBT to the store to redeem their benefits. To make it easier, PWIC stores like Grocery Services North – which cater specifically to WIC clients – helps WIC customers to get all their WIC products in one easy stop. 

5. Sample meal ideas using only WIC-approved foods

WIC-approved foods help make it easy to create healthy meals for your family. For example, Use WIC-approved foods to make meals like omelets (which use WIC-approved eggs and vegetables). Stir fry (using WIC foods like whole-wheat rice and vegetables). Also, beans, and whole-wheat rice and pasta dishes use whole-wheat pasta and cheese. The options are endless. You know you are going to be eating healthier when you are cooking with WIC foods. Get more recipe ideas using WIC foods on this blog. 

The WIC program is a great way to get started on the path to healthy eating on a budget. And, with the help of PWIC stores like Grocery Services North, it’s easy to find nutritious WIC-approved foods that your family will love.

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