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Need Food? WIC, SNAP Can Help

Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand with their groceries. Food assistance programs – like Woman, Infant and Children (WIC) and SNAP – can offer much needed help putting food on your table so you don’t have to worry how you are going to get your next meal. WOMAN, INFANT & CHILDREN (WIC) Texas WIC provides […]

Eat Healthy With Texas WIC

Moms on a budget know how hard it can be to provide healthy meals for their family. Learn how to eat healthy with WIC. Texas WIC is a government program that provides financial assistance and nutrition education to low-income families. Learn how the WIC program works and learn a few tips for eating well on […]

Texas WIC Program

TEXAS WIC HELPS MOTHERS RAISE HEALTHY BABIES The Texas WIC Program is agreat resource for expecting mothers and mothers for babies up to age 5. WIC is a program that stands for ‘Women, Infants and Children’. It’s a nutrition assistance program helps at-risk babies, children and pregnant and nursing mothers through easy access to formula, baby […]

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About Us

Looking for a WIC office or grocery store in the Tyler area? We’re an online WIC Directory of WIC Offices and Primarily WIC Grocery Stores throughout the city. Whether you’re a mother looking for a convenient place to shop for WIC groceries or a potential WIC client interested in joining the program, we’ve here to help you […]

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Woman, Infants and Children – Tyler Area WIC Directory Welcome to!  WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is a program that provides support to pregnant, breastfeeding mothers and their babies up to age 5. Our online WIC directory will help you easily find Primarily WIC Grocery Stores, WIC Clinics / WIC Offices in the East Texas area. We want […]

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3 Reasons To Apply For Texas WIC Program

WIC Program Helps Mothers Raise Healthy Babies Texas WIC can be a mother’s best friend. Many moms and their children across Texas are benefiting from this nutritional supplement program aimed at getting babies off to a healthy start. It’s a FREE program for eligible mothers and their children up to age 5. Apply for Texas WIC to […]

Texas WIC Can Help: Learn How To Apply

Do you need a helping hand feeding your baby? Don’t worry because Texas WIC is ready to help. Maybe you have heard about WIC -The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children – but aren’t sure how to apply. Maybe you weren’t sure if the program can help you. Find all the details to […]